#166 – Turn a Bad Day Into a Good One

To turn a bad day into a good one: tell someone that they look 10 years younger than they really are.

See, I have a co-worker that told me that she didn’t have to start wearing glasses until she was 40 years old. I told her she didn’t look a day over 42. She smiled so big and told me not to lie to her like that. I smile back and told her that I was for real. She told me that she will be 56 this year. Seriously my friend, I didn’t know but I was having a really bad day and thought to make someone else feel better than I did at that moment. It really made me feel good to.


Hope this helped, have a good day now!!!

Male Watcher’s Day January 8th

Guys watch girls all the time. They watch them walk, talk, eat, and sleep.  Since January 8th is also Male Watchers Day, we girls need to show them how they do us.

Try this: when a guy walks past you, let you head roll to watch their butt as it goes past you; don’t eat your food right away when you are out to eat with a man, just watch him eat; when he is sleeping, watch him sleep; when he is talking, do say much, just listen and watch. These are the thing guys do and today the shoe will be on the other foot. Let’s see how they react.

Give them compliments on the outfit for the day, compliment them on their cologne, and grab their hand and spin them around telling them that you just want to see the whole package. It is nice to make the guy feel good at least one day out of the year that is not their birthday, Father’s day, or Christmas, LOL.

Bubble Bath Day January 8th

Bubbles can be created from soaps, shampoos or even boiling water. Bubbles can even be present in water that is contaminated with different chemicals.

We all know that bubbles are fun to make and play with; especially chasing and popping them by the touch of a finger. Mostly kids but even women and men take bubble baths and play with their bubbles. Bubbles give a sense of joy, relaxation, and moisturizing of the skin.

Since we love bubbles especially kids, we celebrate January 8th and make sure to take a bubble bath. This maybe an ordinary day for kids, but for those who usually shower, this will be exactly what you need.

#160 – Looking for a college and don’t know where to start

Whatever you are going to school for is the key.

Make sure the school is going to give you the classes needed to be successful in the ideal field.

See how much each class or course costs and compare tuition of a few schools.

Try not to take out any student loans

April 15th – Celebrating Rubber Eraser Day- what an excellent invention?

Rubber Eraser Day is celebrated on 15th of April, every year. No doubt this day is observed in the honour of Rubber and Erasers. What a great honour to such a small object of education. It is special because it gives the liberty to get rid of mistakes when using a pencil in school or at a business. Accountants love this piece of art due to its importance when moving money on paper. Have you ever imagined, what would life have been like without this tool? Probably a bit messy. It is like using a typewriter without whiteout, having to retype pages for one mistake.

It was invented on April 15th in 1970 by Joseph Priestley. What a great addition he has added to the world of writing.  Even in today’s technology, whiteout liquid and then whiteout tape. I wonder what the next tool would be. Now that more people are putting their attention to digital and electronic writing equipment, the rubber eraser has not lost some significance, but it is still used frequently because when taking tests, a pencil have to be used, so of course you would need an eraser.

April 14th – Reach as high as you can Day

Think about whatever you want!

Have you ever dreamt about reaching up to the sky? If the answer is ‘No’, on the 14th April, give wings to your imagination and think passionately about your dreams, goals, objectives and ambitions and do whatever is required to reach those goals. Even if your dream is to own a castle in the air, a house on the moon, a bed in the clouds, a dream date with a celebrity, or being rich or smart like Bill Gates. It doesn’t matter, this is the day to dream.

There shouldn’t be any limits to your ambitions, there is a day is for you, when your dreams will be fulfilled or your goals will be realized. Just you have to put your energy, passion and dedication into it and it shall come to you!

National Pecan Day; In the Honor of Nutty Pecans!

Flip the pages of the calendar, hanging on the wall and check when 14th April is arriving, as that particular date is bringing with itself something healthy, something buttery, something nutty for all of us and that is ‘National Pecan Day’.

A pecan is a kind of nut, and it is the only one of its kind from the entire nut family, that is considered native to North America. Pecans are also very rich in protein and unsaturated fat. In fact, Pecans are tasty, nutty and so popular that two special days have been designed in their honor, one is Pecan Day –that we celebrate on 25th Mar, and the other one is, ‘Nation Pecan Day’ which is observed on 14th April.

 So, how you are going to celebrate the coming ‘National Pecan Day’? Invite you friends, be ready with hands full of pecans and some tasty, delicious nut based recipes. You will also get wonderful and exciting offers from the retailers during this week! Grocery stores are flooded with pecans on sale! 


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