Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day – January 11

Today is no doubt a day of fun for kids! It’s a Step into a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day which makes a kid’s day very fun, filling them with joy and excitement.

Since it’s in the middle of a winter month, many puddles are frozen in most areas. How are children supposed to participate in this festive day? Although, it is not yet clear as to when or where the day was created, it must be in a warmer geological area. It was created for kids to have fun. Furthermore, this kind of activity is not only for kids to enjoy, but for adults as well.

Today encourages laughter and fun being mad or angry of being slashed, since this is only created just for fun.

Play God Day – January 9th

We all know God as a creator of the man, life, and the world. Many people in many religions pray for forgiveness, prosperity, or good luck to God. God is not the same across these religions. He even has a different name such as Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, or Christ.

He is the one that has the power to give and take. Many people feel that when something happens, it is God’s will, or everything happens for a reason. This day has been created so that people can feel powerful or in charge of their self. If God does good for people, then so can you. Today is the day to do for others, think of someone else first, and give.

#166 – Turn a Bad Day Into a Good One

To turn a bad day into a good one: tell someone that they look 10 years younger than they really are.

See, I have a co-worker that told me that she didn’t have to start wearing glasses until she was 40 years old. I told her she didn’t look a day over 42. She smiled so big and told me not to lie to her like that. I smile back and told her that I was for real. She told me that she will be 56 this year. Seriously my friend, I didn’t know but I was having a really bad day and thought to make someone else feel better than I did at that moment. It really made me feel good to.


Hope this helped, have a good day now!!!

Male Watcher’s Day January 8th

Guys watch girls all the time. They watch them walk, talk, eat, and sleep.  Since January 8th is also Male Watchers Day, we girls need to show them how they do us.

Try this: when a guy walks past you, let you head roll to watch their butt as it goes past you; don’t eat your food right away when you are out to eat with a man, just watch him eat; when he is sleeping, watch him sleep; when he is talking, do say much, just listen and watch. These are the thing guys do and today the shoe will be on the other foot. Let’s see how they react.

Give them compliments on the outfit for the day, compliment them on their cologne, and grab their hand and spin them around telling them that you just want to see the whole package. It is nice to make the guy feel good at least one day out of the year that is not their birthday, Father’s day, or Christmas, LOL.

Bubble Bath Day January 8th

Bubbles can be created from soaps, shampoos or even boiling water. Bubbles can even be present in water that is contaminated with different chemicals.

We all know that bubbles are fun to make and play with; especially chasing and popping them by the touch of a finger. Mostly kids but even women and men take bubble baths and play with their bubbles. Bubbles give a sense of joy, relaxation, and moisturizing of the skin.

Since we love bubbles especially kids, we celebrate January 8th and make sure to take a bubble bath. This maybe an ordinary day for kids, but for those who usually shower, this will be exactly what you need.


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