National Pecan Day; In the Honor of Nutty Pecans!

Flip the pages of the calendar, hanging on the wall and check when 14th April is arriving, as that particular date is bringing with itself something healthy, something buttery, something nutty for all of us and that is ‘National Pecan Day’.

A pecan is a kind of nut, and it is the only one of its kind from the entire nut family, that is considered native to North America. Pecans are also very rich in protein and unsaturated fat. In fact, Pecans are tasty, nutty and so popular that two special days have been designed in their honor, one is Pecan Day –that we celebrate on 25th Mar, and the other one is, ‘Nation Pecan Day’ which is observed on 14th April.

 So, how you are going to celebrate the coming ‘National Pecan Day’? Invite you friends, be ready with hands full of pecans and some tasty, delicious nut based recipes. You will also get wonderful and exciting offers from the retailers during this week! Grocery stores are flooded with pecans on sale! 

Look up at the Sky Day – don’t you have anything better to do?

Look up at the Sky Day – don’t you have anything better to do?

Can there be anything, really better than looking up at the sky? Many people look down when walking, sitting, and even when standing. I remember laying on a blanket, looking up at the stars letting my imagination soar. Trying to look up on a sunny day is hard but on cloudy days, looking at cloud formations is great. The beauty of nature is amazing if you just take a look.

So, something like ‘Look up at the Sky day’ has become even more meaningful as it is driving us to come out from our daily routines to celebrate on the 14th April of every year. It’s a wonderful day for sky watchers and nature lovers. Just move out from your nest, early morning, wander aimlessly on the green surface of the earth, hold your head towards the sky, have a glance on some of the most beautiful creatures of the God and enjoy the mesmerizing magic of blue, blue and only blue!

From the dawn till dusk, you can capture a number of scenic beauties, sprinkled in the sky and cherish them for ever. You can have a lot of fun, watching rainbows, kites, airplanes, clouds, boomerangs, sunset, stars, and flock of birds moving magnificently towards their destination and perhaps even an asteroid, meteor or UFO!

Happy gazing!!

International Moment of Laughter Day

Gone are the days when people used to laugh profoundly in public. Honestly ask yourself, when was the last time, when people you know just burst out laughing, all of sudden.

Actually, laughing out is the first and the fore most characteristic of a human being, but it is something very rare in today’s society. Even doctors hold a notion that, there can’t be any better medicine than laughter.  That’s why, it was great to dedicate a day, exclusively designated for laughter.

We should be thankful to “Izzy Gessel”- A famous and renowned Humerologist of America, who came up with this novel idea, that there should be a day for laughter, and it is only due to him, that millions and millions of people take time out of their hectic schedule, and drown themselves in the blissful ocean of laughter on the 14th April of every year by watching comedies, attending a comedy show, and doing things fun.   

So, just get ready, switch yourself from a robot to a human, plan for some hilarious actions or just crack some jokes and be a part of ‘the world of laughter’ which is entirely different from the traumatic world in which you reside in.

Ex-Spouse Day

Celebrate Ex-Spouse Day: Give a thought to the person with whom you still have negative feelings for!

It may appear very absurd, shocking and stupid to think of someone, who is no longer in your life, especially if the separation was traumatic or painful. It’s always good to come out of emotional disorder by think of the better times, especially when kids are involved.

 Life is too short, so don’t hold your anger and hostile feelings for someone who no longer deserves that attention. Whatever may be the reason of separation, his or her fault, it is better to let it go.

April 14th of every year is regarded as the day of ex-spouse, when people across the world remember their ex. The credit for this day goes to Reverend Ronald Coleman, who created this beautiful thought, that a Day must be recognized to remember your ex-spouse.

So, on 14th of April, shed all those past agonies, anger and anguish and become a better person inside. With a smile on your face, see the positive change in you!



The incredible Hulk, is the alter ego of a brilliant scientist, Robert Bruce Banner, born in Dayton Ohio. He is socially withdrawn and emotionally distressed from his early childhood. Bruce gets first transformed into Hulk after he was irradiated with deadly a gamma energy. His periodical transformation, from Bruce to Hulk, and from Hulk to Bruce, based on his mental state is interesting. Once he becomes Hulk, he finds himself disassociated from Banner, who gets easily enraged and becomes destructive. As Hulk, he possesses immense strength but in times of anger, he appears to be a real menace to the society.   Anger and excitement are his weakness, and he loves to hate humans in general, except Betty for whom his heart beats!

The Black Widow 2

Black Widow 2

The Black widow 2, whose real name is Yelena Belova, born in Russia, who made her first appearance in Inhumans #5 in 1999, is a modern incarnation of The Black widow- a Russian spy. She underwent rigorous martial arts and military training at the Red Room- an espionage academy, for 10 years. She avenged the death of her mentor, after that she inherited the title of Black Widow. She has been in the company of, most of Marvel’s superheroes. Her wrist-bracelets are her greatest weapons and her black costume enables her to adhere to any surface easily. As a Super Adaptoid, she can easily adapt the powers of anyone around her.  On the contrary, she is extremely ticklish and that’s her whole weakness. She was passionately entangled with Daredevil for a brief period.



Loki Laufeyson, born in Jotunheim Asgard, made his first entry in Journey into mystery in #85 in 1962, is the most treacherous, sorcerous, cunning and jealous, out of the entire Marvel characters. He is not the biological son of Odin and is extremely jealous of Thor, consistently forges alliance with the enemies of the Asgardian realm and tries to upthrow Thor from Asgard. He persistently tries to make the powers of Mjolnir his own. His is a master of black arts, and a super schemer, that’s why he earned the title of ‘God of Evil’. His main power is sorcery, mischief and his immunity from terrestrial diseases makes him even more powerful. Sword, whip and spear are his weapons. He has mated with numerous evil goddesses like Angerboda, Fenris Wolf, and Hela; married Goddess Sigyn who is much like him!


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