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Not all Superheroes have good and handsome faces at all times. They can be ugly, but in good nature to help the needy. This is what Spring-heeled Jack is; one of the most curious and persistence in all paranormal creatures back in 19th century in Sheffield, England.

He is also known in United States in 1995 and has a similarity in Chile called “La Vuida” or “The Widow” in 1940s up to 1950s. Although, Spring-heeled Jack seems like motivated as a theft more like a mischief and nothing more than a cruel hoaxes. His story was change from source to source like trying to identify the entire part of the story that can briefly describes its ability that can take to an enormous leaps and frighten people. In fact Spring-heeled Jack is no good on women. People would say that he’s a “devil-like” that goes on the top of the roof. Children would describe him as “all dark with red eyes with white suit badges on it. He is also known as the ‘Terror of London” because of this.

Spring-heeled Jack is just a supernatural character who lives in England that was created with some pranksters and/ or others would say adopted on some old religious zealot who dances on the top of the roof. They way he gets on the roofs (jumping) is how he got named.