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Well, here we are again at that time of the year filled with joyful anticipation and excitement.   What better than to bring music into math classes with math Christmas carols? We mostly hear all type of music on Christmas, but to add little amusement to a boring subject for some, such as math. Doing this through music is really a different and interesting activity.

Mostly singers have composed Math Christmas songs for student to easily understand it in a very interesting way. Many songs have been composed so far, some of which have basic knowledge of geometry, algebra, integration etc with a little touch of Christmas music. Some of the famous Math Christmas songs are Santa Has Statistics on You, Oh, Calculus! Oh, Calculus!!, The Twelve Days of Christmas I (for the primary set), The Twelve Days of Christmas II, Tangent (Rudolph), Zero, that funny cipher (Rudolph), and Pythagoras (Silver Bells).