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Many people, especially kids have been reading comics and they have picked a favorite character. Superheroes are being adored by many people because of their super amazing powers and special talents that surprise many. Although, when there are superheroes then there are villains; they are the rebels in society by making things bad in their own selfish ways.

One of the known villains is the Scarecrow. He is one of the villains in Gotham City from where the superhero Batman fought him in Batman comic book. His first appearance was in the year 1941 comic of the Batman series. The real name of Scarecrow is Jonathan Crane, which was in his early life found himself as the target of bullies that calls him Scarecrow because of his looks. In the present life, he studied psychology and biology because of his amazing intelligence; he went to Gotham University as a professor. His teachings were unsafe which caused him to be dismissed, so he took a revenge by wearing Scarecrow mask and frighten several University’s regents to death by spraying his specialize gas that made them see scary faces.

In the fight against Batman during the Scarecrow reign of terror, where in the end, he was a psychopath that only fear was the Dark Knight himself.