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The song Fairytale of New York is a song performed by the Irish group, the Pogues with the late singer Kirsty MacColl back in the 1987. The song is actually about some settlers from Ireland in the 1900s who tried their luck in New York City as entertainers. But unfortunately, many of them have become unsuccessful and ended up becoming alcoholic, and drug users, poor and homeless.

Although some people would think of it as a very nice Christmas song, some people also think that the lyric is a bit sad, depressing and tragic. But despite its heartbreaking and bitter sweet theme, its lyrics and melody is arranged in very appealing sound which makes people like it more. It also gives the song its ballad genre, making it sound more like a traditional Irish song. Furthermore, the song Fairytale of New York will always be one of peoples’ favorite Christmas song, some would even consider it as the greatest Christmas song ever.