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The Christmas carol, White Christmas is considered as one of the favorites especially to young listeners. It was written by Irvine Berling in the 1940s, numerous of singers have sang and revived this song since it was released, but is said that the most popular version is still the first version which was sung by Bing Crosby also in the early 1940s, it sold almost 50 million copies.

Until now the classic version of Bing Crosby is still a favorite because of its’ very romantic appeal to listeners. This song has been revived and performed by many artists including Elvis Presley (1957), the Partridge Family in 1971, Kenny Rogers on and Dolly Parton in 1985, Dion Warwick in 2004 and recently Taylor Swift in 2007. Different versions by various artists have been out in the market since then, all representing the spirit of Christmas. Whatever version it may be sang, White Christmas will always be an all-time favorite.