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Among the hundreds of sketches played on Saturday Night Live for the past few decades, fans can always count on hilarious sketches for the holiday season. Who can forget Adam Sandler’s infamous Hanukah Song? Or how about the “Seasons Greetings” skits that appears each holiday season? These are also live Christmas songs due to the way it is presented.

While every SNL Seasons Greetings deliver a lot of laughs, none have come close to topping the very first holiday skit from season 26. The very first skit features Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, and Tracy Morgan in one of their many “band” skits from the mid 2000 seasons. All wear matching, goofy Christmas sweaters with snowmen and sing together with Sanz rocking on mandolin (Kattan holds a keyboard and bops his head while Fallon sporadically plays keys).

The understated head and hip-bopping combined with the mock 80s beats makes the season 26 Season greeting a hilarious and catchy number for the whole family. Get together this season for some classic SNL laughs!