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Christmas is nearing and the Christmas music is already playing in every store and all over the radio. It gets earlier and earlier each, but it should come to no surprise that this is also the season of Celtic Christmas music. New Celtic Christmas CDs will pop up all over the world. Like all Christmas music some of them are fantastic, others, not so much.

Despite the growing number of Celtic Christmas CDs, some forget that Christmas is not naturally a Celtic holiday. There is no Celtic Christmas music that evolved outside of Wales from which we get the carol but, that doesn’t stop the Celts from reinventing the tradition or from celebrating their own version of Christmas which is Yule and the Winter Solstice. The latest Celtic Christmas songs are The Snow Day Waltz, December Song by Oona McOuat, Fum Fum Fum by Angus Mohr, and The Snowy Pathy by Altan.