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Comic books have been in our history in reading it because it’s has some illustrations in every pages and the way the artist drew the character that makes you imagine that they’re real people and one of that was the Lone Ranger.

This was the creation of George W. Trendle that was broadcast in 1933 of January 31 from the Detroit’s WXYZ and won immediately because of its popularity and in the same year in the new radio network; the Mutual Broadcasting system. This was run in a thirty minute program that was aired three times a week in 7:30 pm.

Lone Ranger’s real name is John Reid, which was a former Texas Ranger with his partner named Tonto along with his silver horse. He’s a skilled horseman, a tracker, had an excellent gun shooter and a good fighter too. His usual enemies are Butch Cavendish and his gang, Collins, Tiny tom and a lot more.