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Elmo is one of the members in The Muppets and the Sesame St. TV show, who is a little dynamo with a positive attitude. An adorable puppet and always fun to be with and every kids love him because of his cute voice. Because of his character, this makes him famous and loved by kids. They made him a 15-minute TV segment called “Elmo’s World,” which the segment aimed for young televiewers like toddlers.

In fact, Elmo has its own album for Christmas tribute for his young fans and even grown-ups can do too. His songs were full of fun to listen to it. Most of his tacks revived from old Christmas songs, but the difference about his album is his the one who’s singing the Elmo Christmas songs and it has many of words from him that talks about Christmas and how it feels to celebrate in that special season. Listening to his album can make the kids laugh and sing along with Elmo, which is fun and adults alike too.