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Jazzy songs are commonly sung by black American people in the early year 1910, which is originally characterized by a strong but flexible rhythmic on basic tunes and chords of the pattern with it’s highly sophisticated harmonic idiom. Nowadays, jazz are not only sung by black Americans, but also anyone can. You can hear playing jazzy genres all over the world. The typical instruments that are used are a saxophone, clarinet, flute, vibraphone, banjo, tuba, and trombone, double and bass guitars.

Christmas songs have different kinds of genres and that includes the jazz genre of the song. Jazzy Christmas songs won’t be the same if jazz musicians are not going to compose jazz Christmas songs. Every word with deep and meaningful song for Christmas can inspire people’s heart. Like this song of Dexter Gordon “the Christmas song”, which he uses saxophone that transformed the Christmas into ballad music into the soulful blues improvisation.