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As a plus size woman, I am not able to go in many stores to buy my clothes. I order many items online. I know this is true for many plus size women because I talk to them about where they get their clothes from. Some stores that are designed especially for plus size women have items that cost so much; it makes me walk out the door just as fast as I walked in it.

I really like a pair of jeans that fit me well in all areas, but the price was too steep for me. It did feel good to put them on though. I guess I can call that window or wish shopping. I can me home and Google’d the jeans and found them on a website. I thought it would be helpful for other plus size women to know that some plus size bell bottom jeans were found for a reasonable price.

 I looked around on the website and found other items that I could wear like a strapless dress with pockets, which would be perfect for when I want to go to happy hour after work, or a sports Bar with my husband. A girl can’t wear a dress without some nice wedge shoes to go with it, this site had them too. This is just for anyone looking for some nice outfits to wear and don’t want or need to pay a high price for them.