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As a partying and travelling playboy by the name Britt Elijah Reid, the Green Hornet character was created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker and first introduced on radio in the 1930s.  His parents were media magnate Dan Reid Jr. and Margaret Reid.  His wife was Ruth Hopkins and they had a daughter named Diana.  He was formerly a reporter and became a newspaper publisher, a profession he established after inheriting the newspaper “Daily Sentinel” from his retired father.

 In one of his travels, particularly in the Orient, he met Kato, a Japanese man of his age, whose life he saved and who, in turn, offered him services since then as a confidant and partner.

 Donning a coat over a suit, a hat and his signature mask, the Green Hornet stood and fought for justice.  With fighting skills as his powers and using two custom guns, he infiltrated the underworld only to subdue criminals and fought crime under disguise, with avoidance of the police to whom he anonymously gives timely evidence and information about the criminals’ location.