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Dr. Clack Savage Jr. is known as Doc Savage: the man in bronze because of his skin that is color bronze while his hair has a golden bronze, which is only darker than his skin. He has a brown eyes with some flecked of gold that posses in a very strong hypnotic quality and people find it very difficult to stare at his eyes. He is a large man that is 6”8 feet tall.

Doc Savage has a very strong that is apparently men does but his physical strength ranged in of a trained gymnast to a martial arts. Doc Savage is not only physically strong, but also had a sharp mind; when he was still a child, his father trained him to become a scientist. But his not only good in this field, he also smart in many things that only he can do it at all time because of his memory that can do well in advance. He usually wear some rugged clothes, which is not what we think though his a super professional in many ways. Doc Savage has been committed to his job in helping people by stopping the crimes in the city and takes payment for his own source even though he is rich.