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Whenever I listen to Christmas songs, I always hold my heart and wonder on one thing, why most of the Christmas songs are so much melodious and beautiful! As far as my intellect favors me there can be two reasons.  First these songs might be having some Jesus blessings and the second reason can be the winter’s snowy ambience which gives a perfect backdrop for Christmas songs and thus facilitates the singers and the lyricists to take their voice and imagination to new heights.    

Well dudes, now something about this snowy song! This song was first recorded in the voice of Vaughn Monroe. Particularly Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow is not a Christmas song. It is a pure romantic song. As the backdrop of this song is winter season and snows, it is often referred as a Christmas song. Whenever I go through the lyrics of this beautiful song I really feel that the snow is falling in front of eyes!