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Francis (Frank) Albert Sinatra is known as “OI’ Blue Eyes”. He was born in December 12, 1915 Hoboken, New Jersey and died in May 14, 1998, Los Angeles, California. Frank Sinatra was one of the finest singers of the 20th century. Sinatra was an expert at combining Christmas carols using a more modern dynamic. He performed the latest editions of Christmas songs up to the late seventies and eighties. Some of the favorite requested songs were ‘The Bells of Christmas’ and ‘Christmas Memories’. 

Frank Sinatra’s Christmas songs are very popular with all age groups of people. Surprisingly, the young generation and teenagers likes his Christmas songs including Whitened Christmas, Quiet Night, Jingle Bells, Christmas Fantasizing, I Noticed the Alarms on Christmas Day, We Desire You the Merriest, Whatever Occurred to Christmas, and A Baby Just Like You.