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The fantastic movie super hero Green Hornet attempts legally to represent the best example of cool, fast vehicles, disguised crime-fighters, attractive girls, dastardly villains, huge explosions, martial arts battle and senseless exploitation. The producer of this movie displays various types of fictitious matter. The designers must have thought they had every component significant to create the excellent motion flick but they forgot to style a practical plot and exciting figures. Although the background is based commonly on the 1930’s super hero Green Hornet radio series and the TV programs and comics that carried out, this 2011 version feels like a Seth Rogen teen funny. 

This movie is very popular to all types of people all over the world. The Green Hornet does characteristic a few exciting vehicle chases and risky standoffs, yet the macho hand-to-hand battle sequences we hope are tossed apart for extremely stylized choreography and visuals that appearance likes an inhuman, computer-animated  ninja dueling in a video game, with the alternative to stop temporarily and select goals and guns making the movie very good.