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image 5 (1)Christmas songs played on pianos are very enjoyable and unique in their nature. Though most of these songs are difficult to play but there are some easy to play piano Christmas songs that are recommended by great pianists.

The most famous and common of these songs is the “Jingle Bells”. It has a light tune, a repetitive note and it revolves around a small section of the keyboard which makes it easy for the player to pick up the tempo. There is the all time favorite song “Silent Night”. This song is highly recommended for the beginners because of its slow tempo and simple note which is easy to learn and play.

“We wish you Merry Christmas” is another beautiful song. The song is a bit faster one but its sustained rhythm and somewhat easy notes allow the beginners to grasp its tempo easily. Last but not least, one of the most fabulous songs of this genre is “Deck the Halls”. Like the first two, it also has a repetitive note and a bit slow tempo so the beginners find it easy to pick up the song within no time.

Since all these songs are very cool and awesome so instead of wasting their precious time on difficult and somewhat unpleasant songs, the beginners should prefer one of the above mentioned ones.