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Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is celebrated every third Monday of January of each year. This great man, Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta of Georgia on January 15, in the year 1929. He was one of the greatest civil rights movement leaders of all time. He received the Nobel Piece Prize as being the youngest recipient of all time in 1964. He gave his most famous speech “I Have a Dream” in 1963 while he was the leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He devoted his whole life for the betterment of the black people.

He worked for the equality of the black and the white people. He worked all his life to give the black people what they needed the most. Though his main objective was to give the freedom to black people; his fight meant for all races, casts, creeds and colors. He worked for civil rights of the black people who weren’t taken normally by the people of Southern area. But he continued what he was fighting for. This was the result of his assassination. James Earl Ray allegedly assassinated him on April 4, 1968. We lost a great leader.