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National Nothing Day is celebrated every January 16 in the United States. This day was created back in 1972 by a newspaperman named Harold Pullman Coffin. He created this day to make a day in which we could forget all the formalities and observe the day the way we wanted it to be.

This day was first celebrated back a year after in 1973. People found this day interesting as they had nothing to do in a formal way. In fact there’s no custom in this day. We don’t have to remember, or commemorate in this day. We don’t have to join the crowd in a seminar or something similar. The day is all about doing nothing. We are completely free on this day.

We aren’t bound by any formalities or something that can make us do the typical jobs and routines. Rather we are at our own. We can pass the day sleeping all the time or laying in the bed or sofa. This is the significance of this day. So celebrate the day by celebrating nothing indeed. Make this day yours, the way you want it to be.