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The 4×4 tow bar has been built extremely strong offering for an integrated heavy-duty system with universal wiring loom and a removable hitch and tow ball. It is built to carry a load of either 1100kg or up to 4000kg. The rating of the tow bar depends on the vehicle’s specifications. Designed and provide added rare and protection and cater for all towing needs on and off-road. It’s also designed to work with other accessories that the 4×4 supplies, like fuel tanks and wheel carriers.

Approved tow bar made from high strength structural steel, pre-treated with zinc phosphate and finish with black a polyester resin powder coat. Made by raw materials and specifications, dimensions, welding and paint quality are all scrutinized during production and regularly tested.  Just in case there is a need to save money for any accident, insurance  is the best way to go.