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February 2nd is Candlemas Day is celebrated mostly in the United States and Canada by Christians. It is the festival of the candles. It has a great background and a solid truth why Christians celebrate it. This very Day has two other names:  ‘Presentation of Jesus Christ in the Temple’ and ‘Purification of Blessed Virgin Mary’.

Obviously, these names were taken from Christ’s childhood. After 40-days of the birth of the Jesus, He was taken to the Temple for presentation along with Mary who was to be purified by means of bath. As a religious rule goes, Christian women aren’t allowed to worship in the temple until six week from giving birth to a child is completed.

However, in the Candlemas Day all the candles are lighten up. People go to the church with candles in their hand. These candles remove the darkness. Thus it somehow denotes to Christ who removes the darkness from the world.