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In the United  States and Canada, people celebrate Groundhog Day on 2nd February annually. This day has historical folks behind it. Folks say that if the weather is cloudy, a groundhog comes out from its burrow and the spring comes early that year. Instead, the sunny sky symbolizes that the winter will be six weeks lengthier than usual. However, at present,   people celebrate this holiday through early morning festivals to watch the groundhog coming out of its burrow.

Groundhog Lodges observe this with Fersommlinge which is a social event where organizers offer foods. They also deliver speeches and actors perform plays like G’spiel. In Southeastern Pennsylvania, people have to use only Pennsylvania German dialect otherwise they have to pay for each English word.

Punxsutawney is popular in Pennsylvania’s largest celebration of Groundhog Day takes place here. Groundhog Day got noticed of the mass eponymous in a movie in 1993.