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February 14, in USA,  is not only celebrated for Valentine’s Day, but it is also to commemorate the birth of a man, back in 1859, whose legacy can now be seen in almost all amusement parks, globally.  It is the Ferris Wheel Day. Historically, George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. first invented the 250-foot-diameter Ferris wheel in 1893 for the Columbian Exposition Fair in mind. Furthermore, the huge wheel could contain 40 passengers in each of its 36 coaches.

It was built as a reply of the United States of America to Paris’ Eiffel Tower, which was the largest known steel-built structure of that time. Having known this history can make this day enjoyable, when it is celebrated with the amusement of Ferris Wheel Day, and the love in mind of Valentine’s Day. Along with a lover, this day can always be memorable with him/her clutched on your arms, enjoying an exhilarating ride aboard the Ferris wheel.