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Nature has it that flowers are made beautiful. But when a bunch of these were first designed to create a work of art in a vase, the concept was considered revolutionary. Such was the idea of Carl Rittner, founder of the Rittner Floral Design Academy and originator of floral designing and floral art.

That is why on every 28th of February, United States celebrate Floral Design Day in honor of the man who made floral designing an art. Conceptualizing a design using varied medium of flowers, whether natural or synthetic, proves a real challenge to floral designers.

Since floral arrangements in special occasions are inevitable, these require a floral designer’s expertise to create the best work of art that suits best for the event. Hence, Floral Design Day celebration is to honor also the floral designers who have significantly contributed to the country’s economy, and who have made people’s special events memorable and beautiful to see.