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Every 15th of February, will always be National Gumdrop Day for the United States.  A celebration with unknown origin, but can be found in numerous calendars. A sweet company might have instigated this conceivably; although others believed it’s Percy Trusdale who made it first in 1801.

Whatever its beginnings, people are happy to enjoy its’ taste. As you see, Gumdrop day is all about gumdrop. There’s nothing unfamiliar to it, as people of all ages have always known it to be a kind of sweet-packed food. These pectin or gelatin derived candies come in an array of assorted colors with fruity or spicy flavors.

Hanging out to watch a movie, or just simply killing the time with a pocketful of gumdrop, usually work best. However, celebrating this day with gift giving a boxful of gumdrops to each other will absolutely bring a smile to one’s face. And what is more pleasurable than making someone enjoy its sweet taste, as sweet as his/her smile?