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February 14, 1936 marked a milestone of history in the fight for Negro rights. On this day, the National Negro Congress was formed, with A. Philip Randolph as the chosen President. The inauguration was backed by Congress, and was graced with the presence of 800 delegates from more than 500 organizations, held in Howard University.

It was an awe-inspiring crowd, with most of the people waiting outside, joining in the history. They were seeking for solutions to problems with war, racism, and fascism. They wanted to put an end to the whites’ oppression, negligence, and discrimination against the blacks. However, the movement was hated by many, as it was backed by the Congress, giving them impediments along the way.

Nonetheless, it was a battle that rippled through history of Negro people’s fight for their rights. Thus, the movement which started it all has been worth remembering up to this day