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February 14 is never more significant to celebrate than expressing love in a concrete way through organ donations in this National Organ Donor Day. It is a celebration that was initiated in 1998 by the US Department of Health and Human service, to keep in mind the welfare of humans.

Since then, the United States of America, along with other nations such as India, celebrate it annually. Celebrated together with Valentine’s Day, this day shows that the celebration of love is never restricted only for lovers, but to all individuals. It is a festivity of love that is shared and conveyed by donating organs and blood to those in need for them to live.

Blood and body parts may be one’s intimate possessions in order to stay alive. But there is never more meaningful way of showing love to others than donating some of one’s cherished belongings. If a person signs up as an organ donor in this day, then this day can better be celebrated with the essence of love truly felt, shared, and appreciated. That is guaranteed.