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Everyone loses one’s baby teeth. While some never care to expect gifts beneath their pillows in the morning during that time, others are receiving as much as $10 per baby tooth these days. This has been a practice which dates back to medieval times. Now, a National Tooth Fairy Day gets to be celebrated on every 28th of February and/or 22nd of August.

Anyone knows how traumatic it is for a kid to lose a baby tooth, due to the pain and discomfort it brings. Hence, to pacify the kids’ ordeal, parents introduce the Tooth Fairy who offers gifts in exchange for their kids’ lost baby teeth. A tale which makes kids looking forward in excitement on what gifts to find in the morning, in exchange of their lost teeth tucked underneath their pillows before sleeping.

Nevertheless, it is never an awful idea to be one’s kid’s imaginary fairy. After all, a kid’s happiness upon a surprise gift is worth seeing than his fret over a lost baby tooth