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Eaten as snacks or partnering tortilla chips with your favorite soup, salsa or dips on every 24th of February, make a groovy way to celebrate National Tortilla Chip day. Looking back, who would have thought that out of misshapen cut corn bound to be discarded, shall instigate production of a globally famous corn chip?

Thanks to Rebecca Webb Carranza, owner and corn cutter of El Zarape Tortilla Factory, Los Angeles, in the 1950s. She had cut the misshapen corn into a triangular shape and fried it, giving birth to the tasty and renowned tortilla chips, which had cost a dime for a bag full of chips. Furthermore, corn, salt, and water constitute the chips’ basic ingredients.

However, its delectable taste has made it versatile to use. Undeniably, tortilla chips have already been eminent internationally. In fact, such chips have become quintessential appetizers in Mexican restaurants.