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Tasty pistachio nuts make every 26th of February special, as this day celebrates National Pistachio Day. Pistachios are seeds coming from trees, belonging to the nut family, found vastly in the Middle East. However, pistachios get harvested, in California, USA, as well. Covered by a hard external shell, Pistachios are mainly colored green, whose nuts inside are so nutritious, fleshy and tasty.

Usually eaten as a standalone food, pistachio nuts are mainly roasted or fried mixed with red colored flavoring to make it tastier. Pistachio nuts get mixed as flavoring for ice cream too. Equipped with vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium and iron, plus the tasty factor make these nuts ideal for diet. In fact, these nuts’ antioxidant component exceeds that of the green tea.

Such are the nutritious facts which prove this day worthy to enjoy over a packet or two of pistachio nuts.