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A Special Day for Our Leafy Friends

Finally we have a special day dedicated to the ever taken for granted plants, the Houseplant Appreciation day!

The Gardener’s Network has proclaimed January 10th of every year as the Houseplant Appreciation day, in this day of every year we take a little moment of appreciation to green life surrounding us. As they help us breathe by oxygen production, we give back by giving them some love and nurturing.

This day will help encourage people to plant more, to keep our environment healthy and give back to our community, and especially, to mother earth. Caring for houseplants not only enhance the beauty of your own homes, but also gives us a therapeutic sense of responsibility while at the same time, improves our way of living.

So pick up your shovels and gather some seeds! Let us clean the air with the help of our green leafy friends and thank these little beauties with care!