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Having to celebrate a Toothache Day is quite startling. However, the United States celebrate this day on the 9th of February. Different sources have varied views regarding the celebration’s vague origins. Some say that it might have something to do with the establishment of a popular chocolate making company, Hershey, on February 9, 1894.

On the other hand, others believed that this commemoration has focused back to Apollonia, the “patroness of all those employed in alleviating dental pain”. History says that she got seized in a local uprising against Christians in Alexandria. All her teeth got broken by her attackers before she jumped to die on fire. For this martyr, the Roman Church celebrates February 9 in her memory.

She got invoked against toothaches for the torments she had endured. Nevertheless, the best way to observe this day is by raising awareness on toothache, tooth-related problems, and dental hygiene, whatever the origins of this celebration might be.