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Theodore Flowers had been the first Afro-American middleweight boxing champion who had grabbed the championship title in 1926. Born on August 5, 1895 in Camille, Georgia, Flowers had also been known as “Tiger”. He had worked in a shipbuilding plant before he entered the world of boxing.

In fact, he was 22 years old when his professional boxing career started in 1918. He was vastly pious which had himself given an epithet of “Georgia Deacon”. Indeed, he used to recite a Bible passage from Psalm 144 before every bout. The Ring Magazine has ranked him as the number one contender against the mighty Harry Greb. He had successfully defeated Greb on February 26, 1926 in Madison Square Garden.

However, it was so unfortunate for Flowers to get hospitalized for a scar removal operation from his eyes. He finally passed away on November 16, 1927 due to the complicated surgery and got buried in Atlanta’s Lincoln Cemetery. Finally, in 1976 and 1993 he got inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and International Boxing Hall of Fame, respectively.