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It is human nature to cuddle and express love not only to fellow humans but to other forms of animals that we consider as pets. Pets come of any kind, depending on the pet owners’ choice and fancy, and whatever that suits the pet owner’s personality.

A pet may be as cuddly as a dog or a cat. Some are as exotic and dangerous as a snake, a Tarantula spider, a tiger, or grizzly bear. Whatever these are, these ought to have some distinctive love and care from owners, particularly on a certain day of the year.

Hence, Love Your Pet Day gets celebrated on every 20th day of February in the United States. Pets may be lower form of animals than man, but man must take care of these. Both pets and pet owners may not perfectly understand each other’s language, but both may be keen enough to understand each other’s behaviors based on instincts on love, anger, and fear. Hence, cuddling or feeding pets with their favorite chow always bring a mutually pleasant sensation for both pets and owners alike, especially this day.