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They have been known as the Quickest Men Alive. Three generations of super heroes provided the power to tap into the extra perspective energy area known as the Speed Force by a scientific research gone manipulated. The will of the super hero Flash is to gain super speed, to run and move extremely swift. They use superhuman reflexes and seemingly infringe certain rules of physics.

Three different characters somehow gained the power of ‘super-speed’. Each idol known as himself the Flash and became the progenitor of an age of winners, perpetuating a historical past of bravery and valor that expands to the 853rd century and beyond.

The first Flash Jay Garrick became the Flash by unintentionally breathing in an experiment material known as calcium in the water. He was one of the beginning associates of the JSA in the 40’s. He continues to be relatively younger do to any sort of incident that washed the JSA such as Jay’s spouse in refreshing light. He is currently dynamic with the JSA and advisors the new Speedster Behavioral instinct.

The second Flash Barry Allen, a cop researcher obtained extreme speed by lightning and being washed with the substances he used for work. He trained the present Flash, Wally Western, his nephew who obtained his abilities in an addict incident that regenerated the first one that provided Barry Allen.

Unfortunately Robert Allen passed away in the Infinite Earths storyline in the 80’s. The third Flash Wally Western began his profession as Kid Flash working with the Teenager Leaders. He took over the layer of the Flash from his dead uncle Robert Allen.