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In the United States, January 31 is being celebrated as “Inspire Your Heart with Art Day”. Art is the Language of the Mind. Artists don’t see art with their bare eyes, rather they see with their mind. What they see in their mind, they put in canvas.

From the time immemorial art has been a practice among humans. Artwork was clearly seen inside the caves of our ancestors. An artist makes his artful thinking to make something very realistic. He makes his imagination work by fulfilling his wish to see the world he made up to see in clear view and when displayed in a gallery people may see his art in a different perspective.

A single art work can tell different stories to different people depending on their point of view. Even the creator may not know how his audience defines and interprets his master pieces. That’s the beauty of art. Everyone sees art with their own minds. Art tells the stories of our heart. Listen to your heart as you see a work of an art.