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January 31st, is considered as “National Backwards Day” in the United States. Backwards day is for doing everything in backwards. It is like we will do all our actions in a backward sequence. Just like what Leonardo da Vinci did. He used to write from right to left order and he even wrote the letters in backwards.

We can also do the same or something different in this day, but it would always be in backwards. You can start your meal with the last item you would have taken, or eating first your dessert before the main dish. You can also walk in backwards. These are all but rubbish; hence this is the specialty of this day.

You don’t have to think even for a while what others would think of you if you do such pointless jobs. You might also find others doing the some things in backwards sequence. So enjoy this day with a whole new concept to see the world around you in backward angle.