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It the United States, the 30th of January is celebrated as “National Inane Answering Message Day”.  Inane answering messages are heard when the person called to isn’t there to receive your call. Making this day a holiday was created and copyrighted by the people of wellcat.com.  They had created the purpose of the day and had benefits from it.

The day was created generally to stop these annoying inane answering messages. Inane messages are senseless, they are something stupid, and obviously annoying all the time. Most of these disturbing inane calls are preloaded or recorded by computer generated software. If we can’t reach the person we are calling then it’s okay to hang up, but when we hear that annoying inane message, then we feel like irritated.

Having that heart, this would be the day to change your number if you too have the same disturbing inane messages recorded for your number for the callers. Give your caller relief at least for one day.