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Blaming someone else is not a great idea. But in our life, we usually do this to escape from our own mistakes that we had done or for any fraud that you made.

This maybe the worst day of your life if you’ll be the victim by people who blamed you for something which they had not actually did. During this day anyone can be victim.

This day was created by Anne Moeller of Clio of Michigan overslept when her alarm clock didn’t go off. Based on the story of Anne, she spent her life blaming and making some excuses for her own mistakes. Making this as a habit can also lead into trouble, not only for other people but also to you. Blaming can destroy your reputation because of making some fraud stories and excuses.

Blaming someone or something is not a good excuse. This is not a good way because sooner or later, people may not believe you anymore for you have done it at all the time and taking back the trust on others is not an easy way.