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Many people don’t like the number 13 because of certain unlucky things that happens on this date. Most people believe on superstitious things and thinking about them usually puts fear in their minds.

During this day, they avoid the things that might cause some regret for the rest of the day. On the other hand, people might say “Thank God It’s Friday”, but when the date of the month is 13 and falls on a Friday, its kind an odd and people think as the unluckiest day for them.

This day maybe a threat to people who really believe in any kind of superstitions. These are superstitions which their ancestors had passed on to them. We may not know our future when it comes to this, but nothings wrong if we try to follow the belief. The thing is that it is normal to experience the unlucky day, but this doesn’t mean that Friday the 13th would be the unlucky day but it could also someone else’s lucky day.