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Hats are considered as one of people’s need all through out the day; in different kinds of weather. They are also considered as a fashion trend to people.

During the 15th of January, we celebrate the National Hat Day. It is a celebration for all kinds of hats in all sizes and shapes. In general, hats are worn to keep you protected against the heat of the sun and the damp against the rain. Helmets are considered as a hat for head protection against major accidents. Some hats are suited for weddings and parties. Ascots hats are worm by high classed women during a horse race. There are other hats which are made for a specific occupation like the hat of a flight attendant or a police officer.

This day was created by all who love hats and when we talk about the word “National”, it needs the action of the whole world to participate in this kind of celebration with the different kinds of ideas about hats.