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We all know that when it comes to studying medicine is a very serious thing to learn because this talks about human’s life on how, when, and what will be the right solution to our health problem. One of the lists that studies medicine is the career to become a pharmacist.

One thing that comes in our mind is why do we celebrate the day of National Pharmacist? In the study of medicine, there are some of the studies which specialize in different aspects of medicine. In every part of the human system there are specializations in a specific course and one of them is the pharmacist who studies the parts of the body. The difference of this job from the others is that, Pharmacist is more knowledgeable with chemistry in all types of medicine. They can also inform their customers in all kinds of drugs, its contents, with its side-effects and all types of prescribed medicine by a doctor.

January 12th was created by a group of pharmacists, so we can also recognize their role in the field of medicine.