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Gabrielle Birchak is one comedian that takes current events and makes them fun to listen to. One skit is when she projects some humor through impersonating political individuals, which crates a different way to see the cause, topic or discussion.

If you’re looking for someone to cheer you up and forget your problems, she’s got the remedy for it.  Gabrielle does not target specific topics, but is diverse in her choices of what is of current interest and will also make someone laugh. She can comment on the President to the average fast food worker. This creates a wide range audience, which makes all amused by the character impressions.

There is no regret watching her either live or in skits located on the Official Website of Gabrielle Birchak also Gabrielle Birchak on YouTube . By visiting either of the sites, viewers can’t help themselves looking at all of the clips posted. Start your day off with humor; Gabrielle Birchak’s site is the one to visit. Continue checking back as the videos are frequently added to the list.