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The Spectre is a fictional superhero created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily. He debuted in More Fun Comics #51 as a cameo but took his first lead in the next issue, More Fun Comics #52 (Feb 1940).

In the golden age of this comic, the world saw the massacres and holocaust of Second World War, events that influenced the story lines. Spectre`s story started with the death of Jim Corrigan, a hard cop that refused to enter the afterlife after being murdered, and returned to earth as a spirit, for vengeance, and for fighting crime and terror.

The journey of Spectre continued in the golden age till All Star Comics#23 (Winter 1944-1945). He kept coming back in the silver age version, bronze age version, modern age version, but couldn’t enjoy the fame he once enjoyed in the beginning of the golden age version. His fashion style, action moves and other details are inspired from gothic horror style.