My new Advice Line

Now you can call me!!

People pay therapists everyday for advice at extreme rates. I can do the same for less. I have advised many individuals on topics that occur in many people’s lives. I can provide insight to the issue, an action to take to resolve it, and a solution to preventing a re-occurrence.

I am not a licensed professional, but am an extraordinarily experienced one. I am educated in Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice, Accounting, Medical Specialties, and Family. I have read many books on these topics, which has allowed me to become more well-rounded in blending techniques of all the areas. This education has provided me insight on problem solving and consideration for social and psychological emotions.

I feel qualified because I have seen a lot of crazy things in my lifetime, listened to stories from other people both young and old, obtained my Bachelor’s degree in a Science based field which focuses on social and psychological behaviors, completed courses in both of those areas, and continue to add to my experiences and education.

I have given advice to many individuals for many different situations, I am the go-to person in any environment, and I want to help my customers