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Loki Laufeyson, born in Jotunheim Asgard, made his first entry in Journey into mystery in #85 in 1962, is the most treacherous, sorcerous, cunning and jealous, out of the entire Marvel characters. He is not the biological son of Odin and is extremely jealous of Thor, consistently forges alliance with the enemies of the Asgardian realm and tries to upthrow Thor from Asgard. He persistently tries to make the powers of Mjolnir his own. His is a master of black arts, and a super schemer, that’s why he earned the title of ‘God of Evil’. His main power is sorcery, mischief and his immunity from terrestrial diseases makes him even more powerful. Sword, whip and spear are his weapons. He has mated with numerous evil goddesses like Angerboda, Fenris Wolf, and Hela; married Goddess Sigyn who is much like him!