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Black Widow 2

The Black widow 2, whose real name is Yelena Belova, born in Russia, who made her first appearance in Inhumans #5 in 1999, is a modern incarnation of The Black widow- a Russian spy. She underwent rigorous martial arts and military training at the Red Room- an espionage academy, for 10 years. She avenged the death of her mentor, after that she inherited the title of Black Widow. She has been in the company of, most of Marvel’s superheroes. Her wrist-bracelets are her greatest weapons and her black costume enables her to adhere to any surface easily. As a Super Adaptoid, she can easily adapt the powers of anyone around her.  On the contrary, she is extremely ticklish and that’s her whole weakness. She was passionately entangled with Daredevil for a brief period.