Celebrate Ex-Spouse Day: Give a thought to the person with whom you still have negative feelings for!

It may appear very absurd, shocking and stupid to think of someone, who is no longer in your life, especially if the separation was traumatic or painful. It’s always good to come out of emotional disorder by think of the better times, especially when kids are involved.

Life is too short, so don’t hold your anger and hostile feelings for someone who no longer deserves that attention. Whatever may be the reason of separation, his or her fault, it is better to let it go.

April 14th of every year is regarded as the day of ex-spouse, when people across the world remember their ex. The credit for this day goes to Reverend Ronald Coleman, who created this beautiful thought, that a Day must be recognized to remember your ex-spouse.

So, on 14th of April, shed all those past agonies, anger and anguish and become a better person inside. With a smile on your face, see the positive change in you!