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Gone are the days when people used to laugh profoundly in public. Honestly ask yourself, when was the last time, when people you know just burst out laughing, all of sudden.

Actually, laughing out is the first and the fore most characteristic of a human being, but it is something very rare in today’s society. Even doctors hold a notion that, there can’t be any better medicine than laughter.  That’s why, it was great to dedicate a day, exclusively designated for laughter.

We should be thankful to “Izzy Gessel”- A famous and renowned Humerologist of America, who came up with this novel idea, that there should be a day for laughter, and it is only due to him, that millions and millions of people take time out of their hectic schedule, and drown themselves in the blissful ocean of laughter on the 14th April of every year by watching comedies, attending a comedy show, and doing things fun.   

So, just get ready, switch yourself from a robot to a human, plan for some hilarious actions or just crack some jokes and be a part of ‘the world of laughter’ which is entirely different from the traumatic world in which you reside in.